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Are you considering taking a work assignment outside of the United States? Is your employer offering you a foreign posting? There are so many issues associated with an overseas or foreign work location. Taxes are only the tip of the veritable iceberg. We offer a comprehensive advisory service addressing your questions, negotiations and concerns associated with foreign employment. Steven Miller has more than 30 years of experience advising with US and foreign expatriates living and working outside the United States. He advises many foreign nationals considering a U.S. work assignment too.

Some topics we typically discuss:

The cultural assimilation process
Foreign housing allowances
Foreign bank accounts & how to stay out of trouble

Tax Equalization vs Protection Policies
Foreign tax credits & how they affect you
Storage & moving costs

Income taxes - US & Foreign
Insurance coverages & issues
Home leave issues

Qualifying for foreign earned income exclusions
Will the foreign location tax your US income?
Your children's education & school allowances

Working vs non-working spouses
Cost of living adjustments
US income tax filing requirements

Rent or buy in the new location?
FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) filing requirements
Deciding on whether to rent your US home while on assignment

State income tax issues & planning

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